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Learn the Thai Alphabet

And the digits, too!

Thai Flashcards teaches you consonants from the Thai alphabet, as well as digits. Initial consonants only at the moment. Finals coming soon!

Similar Symbols Made Simple

Learn the differences between each symbol.

Thai Flashcards will often show you similar-looking symbols one after the other to help you learn how to distinguish between them.


Don't just turn the card. Prove you know the pronunciation!

You can't just cruise through decks of flashcards with Thai Flashcards. You have to type the pronunciation of each symbol. If you get it wrong, you'll see it more often until you learn it!

Works Offline

Planes, tunnels, holidays, or anywhere else! You can still use Thai Flashcards.

No matter where you are, you can access Thai Flashcards even when you have no internet connection as long as you have already visited once on your device.


Type the pronunciation of the symbol into the answer section above.

Examples: k for ก, or kh for ข.

Hint: The answer for {{tla.question.symbol}} above is {{tla.question.sound}}.

If you don't know, just press Enter to find out the answer, then type it in!

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